What Is Double Glazing?


What is double glazing?

Double Glazing

All properties lose heat through their windows. Installing energy efficient double-glazing is an effective way of reducing your energy bills and keeping your home warmer and quieter.

Double-glazed windows use two sheets of glass with a gap between them which creates an insulating barrier, whilst triple-glazed windows have three sheets of glass. Both options can deliver a high level of energy efficiency; it is not the case that you have to use triple-glazing to gain the most energy efficient window.

Questions to ask yourself before investing in double glazing

  1. How energy efficient are the windows?
  2. When choosing replacement double-glazed windows, you can check their energy efficiency by looking at the Energy Saving Trust recommended logo and British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) energy label. The Energy Saving Trust endorses any windows rated B or above.

  3. How many layers of glass do you need?
  4. Double-glazing has two layers of glass with a gap of around 16mm between them. There’s also the option of triple-glazing, which has three layers of glass. Both A rated double and tripled-glazed windows are available.

  5. What type of glass is best?
  6. The most energy efficient glass for double-glazing is low emissivity (Low-E) glass. This often has an unnoticeable coating of metal oxide, normally on one of the internal panes – next to the gap. It lets sunlight and heat in but cuts the amount of heat that can get out again.

  7. Which frame suits yourhome?
  8. The frame you choose will depend on your home and your personal taste. For all frame materials there are windows available in each energy rating.

    • uPVC frames are the most common type. They last a long time and can be recycled.
    • Wooden frames can have a lower environmental impact, but require maintenance. They are often used in conservation areas where the original windows were timber framed.
    • Aluminium or steel frames are slim and long-lasting. They can be recycled.
    • Composite frames have an inner timber frame covered with aluminium or plastic. This reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the frame weatherproof.

  9. How much money will I save?
  10. The average amount you will save on your property with an A-rated window is around £3,400 over its lifetime by reducing energy bills. However, a property with newly fitted double glazing dramatically ramps it the property's price, in some cases it has increased a home's value by £18,000!

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Is Solar Power Worth The Investment?


Looking at the immediate monthly savings can make it seem like it's worth switching to solar, but the cost of the panels and installation which, depending on the number of panels, can cost upward of £6,000. It comes down to essentially paying money to save money - is it worth the investment?

Currently the tariff rate for a solar panel system is is 12.92p/kWh , although it was once much higher it is still a generous offer, providing an opportunity to make a return on investment for most systems. The lower tariff also drives down the initial cost of the system so it's not all doom and gloom.

The average 4kW system on a south facing roof will be looking to make around £650 a year, and over the system's lifetime it wroughly make up to £17,000! This more than covers the cost for the panels, so it is worth the investment in the long run.

In short, the best time to invest in solar is now. The tariff is only going to get lower as time goes on, so it's best to invest in solar now to make the most out of it.

If you're thinking about a solar panel installation for your home it's best to get quotes from installers now.

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