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Planning permission for solar panels.

Generally, (your solar panel installer will be able to advise you further), you won't need planning permission for solar panels on the roof of your property, providing they don't extend beyond the original plane of the roof or exceed the height of the original roof at it's highest point.

But what if you live in a conservation area?

Many councils are committed to increasing the usage of renewables and cutting CO2 targets.

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planning permission for solar panels - read more here
"over 11,000 solar panel
installations in 2011 already"
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Stuck for kitchen ideas?

With celebrity chef's on seemingly every channel, their culinary antics have fuelled a growing interest in new kitchens with the latest features.

But if you're stuck for inspiration, how about tuning into all those house hunting and reality 'at home with' shows and their seemingly limitless amount of kitchens on display.

And if you still haven't seen anything you like, then why not see some new kitchen designs first-hand?

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"plenty of ideas
for a bespoke fitted kitchen"

Triple glazing.

Triple glazing in upvc windows has always had a reputation for being very good at blocking outside noise, hence you'll see it in many homes sited next to busy roads or under airport flight paths.

But with more and more emphasis being put on energy conservation and lowering energy bills, triple glazing shouldn't be ignored as a major contributor.

What's interesting is we're actually seeing examples where installations may include a mixture of triple and double glazing.

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"combining triple and double
glazing for energy savings"
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home improvement quotes

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