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Insulation companies urge us to act now.

With media warnings that our energy bills could rise by around £200 this year, insulation companies are urging homeowners to seek out any Government or local authority grants that they can use to insulate their homes.

They're warning that in the future, inefficient homes may even be penalised as the Government acts to meet it's CO2 reduction targets.

You'd have thought everyone had got the message about loft insulation but according to sources, many homes still lack this important energy saver.

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insulation urge to act now - read more here
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It pays to be Gas Safe.

Research by the Gas Safe Register discovered that last year, over 100,000 home improvement projects left homes with dangerous and in some cases even illegal gas work, of which the homeowners had no knowledge.

Fitted kitchens and bathrooms, heating installations etc all accounted for, in some cases, potentially explosive situations.

Unsuspecting families were also left with work that put them at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Scouts to offer a DIY badge to youngsters.

The Scout Association is to introduce a new DIY badge where Scouts will have to show they can wire a mains plug as well as carry out other basic DIY tasks.

Lack of DIY skills is a topic we've covered before but what I found fascinating was the list of 'typical DIY jobs' some radio presenters put to a couple of TV makeover show experts.

For example, they were asked if putting up a shelf, hanging a picture, fitting a mains plug etc were considered basic.

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Scout Association introduces DIY badge - read more
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I say, Ding Dong!

A 13 year old schoolboy has invented a doorbell that can fool burglars by making them believe someone's at home.

The Smart Bell uses mobile phone technology to ring your mobile, allowing you to speak to the person at the door, giving the impression you're talking via an intercom.

The system could also handle delivery instructions, allowing you to talk to the delivery person i.e "please leave my parcel next door".

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schoolboy's burglar deterrent door bell - read more
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