The Headlines: Solar panels will work in Winter | Don't get conned by the cowboys | Is remortgaging a good time to review home insurance.

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Your solar panels will still work come Winter.

Despite the UK averaging around 48% overcast days in the year, solar panels, both the electricity generating kind (or photovoltaic to give them their proper name) and solar hot water panels continue to operate.

But what about the Winter?

Surprisingly, solar panels work even better - especially after a fall of snow.

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"Solar panels work
better in the cold!"
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Don't get conned - get comparative quotes!

You'd think the message had gotten through about getting comparative quotes for home improvements before choosing a company but research by Sainsbury's Insurance reveals different.

An unbelievable 6.2 million people have employed 'cowboy traders' in the past 5 years, resulting in £3.7 billion being paid out to rectify botched jobs.

What can you do to avoid it happening to you?

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"cowboy builders not
always so obvious"

Re-mortgaging is a good time to review your home insurance.

Many homeowners will have taken the home insurance offered with their original mortgage but if you're re-mortgaging (or moving home) then it's the perfect time to explore alternative insurance quotes, which may ultimately save you money.

You'll also find that shopping around offers you a chance to tailor the cover more towards your particular requirements.

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"A good opportunity to
tailor your cover"
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