The Headlines: Eco-improvements surge amidst new energy bill rises | Solar Panel certification | Space Shuttle tribute.

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Energy price hikes see surge in eco-improvements.

The UK could be about to witness an explosion of eco-improvements as Britain's beleaguered home owners start looking for ways to reduce crippling fuel bill rises.

With British Gas's price rises of between 16% and 18% affecting some 9 million homes from July, it's small wonder there's been a massive surge of interest in alternative, renewable energy sources.

Will yours be one of the 9 million homes affected?.

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"9 million homes will
receive larger energy bills"
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Solar companies - why the MCS Certified bit is so important.

If you're gathering quotes for a solar panel installation on your property, you've probably seen MCS Certified mentioned but what does it mean and should you be worried if your using a company that isn't MCS Certified?

MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme - It means the company can be trusted to properly, and safely, install your solar panel system and that the resulting completed installation will be eligible for any Government 'tariff' incentive payments.

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why MCS is so important - read more
"No MCS Certificate
no feed-in tariff payments"

Space Shuttle technology all around us.

As the final Space Shuttle flight took off last week, we look back at some of its technology that's found its way into our everyday lives.

For example, a tiny heart pump, developed from Space Shuttle fuel pump technology has helped more than 200 patients enjoy a fuller life. The tiny pump is just 1 inch in diameter and weighs less than 4oz.

And your home insulation could be benefiting from the same material used to insulate cryogenics on the Space Shuttle.

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"Space Shuttle's contribution
to loft insulation"
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