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Solar Installations more popular since Tariff furore

The recent FiT reductions have done nothing to quell homeowners appetite for installing solar panels.

And judging by the amount of new solar installers registering on the MCS accreditation website, homeowners will have more choice than ever when it comes to choosing a company for their installation.

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"Solar tariff furore
prompts even more choice"
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What if my home isn't suitable for solar panels?

The 3 main factors which will decide if your home isn't suitable for solar panels are if the roof isn't south facing enough or too shaded, your home is too far North for the panels to make an impact on your energy bills or your roof isn't big enough to fit enough panels on.

If you've already enquired about solar panels only to be 'turned down' or you think your home isn't suitable, then what are your options?

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"Heat source pumps will
also qualify for tariff"
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Could you do with some more car parking space?

Roads are getting busier, there seem to be more cars than ever and closer to home, a new family that moved into a previously empty property have caused parking havoc on our street by bringing 3 cars with them. That's a lot to fit onto an already crowded, residential street in town.

Last year, there were an estimated 31 million cars on Britain's roads but with a quarter of households not owning a car and 45% having just the one vehicle, it's obvious the number of multi-car families is growing.

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"Make 2011 your last
year of parking frustration"
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